What does godsend mean?

godsend meaning in General Dictionary

anything delivered by God an unexpected acquisiton or little bit of fortune

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  • a rapid occurring that brings fortune (as a rapid chance to earn money)
  • anything delivered by Jesus; an urgent acquisiton or piece of great lot of money.

godsend meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1814, "a shipwreck" (from point of view of men and women living across the coast), from center English Godes sonde (c.1200) "Jesus's messenger; exactly what God delivers, gift from God, happening caused by God," from god + Middle English sonde "that which is delivered, message," from Old English sand, from sendan (see send (v.)). Sense of "happy chance" is from 1831.

godsend - German to English

Godsend [Nick Hamm]

godsend meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) some thing delivered by Jesus; an unexpected acquisiton or bit of fortune.

Sentence Examples with the word godsend

Twenty-four hours later the long spell of calm, a godsend to Godley and Byng, came to an end.

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