What does global warming mean?

global warming meaning in Medical Dictionary

The sustained escalation in the average temperature for the earth's environment. Real human activity plays a role in this change through the buildup of heat-trapping carbon dioxide. Over time, this enhance could be adequate resulting in climatic modification, including increasing ocean levels, modifying precipitation habits and altering liquid products and crop yields. Global heating may possibly also affect individual wellness, damage wildlife and damage delicate ecosystems.

global warming meaning in Law Dictionary

heat steadily increasing for near-surface, lower atmosphere average. Presently thought from emissions build up of greenhouse gases (reference greenhouse impact). This temperature has actually risen by 0.6

global warming meaning in Etymology Dictionary

by 1983 once the title for an ailment of total rising conditions and attendant consequences as a result of individual task. Initially theoretical, popularized as a reality from 1989.

global warming meaning in Business Dictionary

regular escalation in the Earth's average reduced atmosphere (almost surface) heat considering emissions and develop of greenhouse gases (see greenhouse result). Although this heat has actually increased by 0.6°C within the last 140 many years, it could increase from 1.5°C to over 2.0°C by the 12 months 2070, and could entirely modify weather area patterns resulting in increased or reduced rain, winds, snowfall, along with other unprecedented weather trend. The increasing temperature could melt the polar ice limits and trigger sea levels to increase everywhere, completely flooding many low lying parts of the planet earth. The temperate places in Asia and Americas might encounter crop problems because drier and hotter circumstances.

global warming meaning in General Dictionary

a rise in the common temperature of planet's environment (especially a sustained increase that causes climatic modifications)

Sentence Examples with the word global warming

One of the consequences of global warming in mountain regions is increasing risk of infectious diseases.

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