What does futurity mean?

futurity meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, from future + -ity.

futurity meaning in Sports Dictionary

A race where competing horses tend to be nominated before being foaled. (recreation: Harness rushing)

futurity meaning in General Dictionary

enough time yet to come

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  • the quality of becoming in or for the future
  • State of being that is yet to come; future state.
  • Future time; time; the long run.
  • Event in the future; the next occasion.

futurity meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Condition of being which yet in the future; future condition.

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  • (letter.) Future time; time to come; tomorrow.
  • (n.) occasion in the future; a future event.

Sentence Examples with the word futurity

The subjects are: (1) Years past no;longer ours; (2) Man a sojourner on earth; (3) Advantage of frequent contemplation of eternity; (4) Preparation for judgment by such contemplation; (5) The good man not desirous of talking; (6) Abstinence, and its distinction from the prohibition to take life; (7) Selfexamination and self-reproof inconsistent with inaction; (8) Future reward and punishment; (9) Prying into futurity hastens calamity; (ro) Wealth with covetousness more wretched than poverty with contentment.

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