What does fungi mean?

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a team of thallophytic plant like organisms of low company destitute of chlorophyll in which reproduction is especially accomplished by method of asexual spores that are produced in a great number of means though intimate reproduction is known to take place in specific Phycomycetes or so known as algal fungi They are the molds mildews rusts smuts mushrooms toadstools puff balls together with allies of each and every into the two kingdom category system they certainly were classed using the flowers but in the current five kingdom category they may not be classed as flowers but they are classed in their own split kingdom fungi including the phyla Zygomycota including quick fungi including bread molds Ascomycota like the yeasts Basidiomycota such as the mushrooms smuts and rusts and Deuteromycota the fungi imperfecti a few of the types like the yeasts appear as single-celled microorganisms but all fungi are tend to be eukaryotic hence differentiating them from the prokaryotic microorganisms for the kingdon Monera

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  • the taxonomic kingdom including yeast, molds, smuts, mushrooms, and toadstools; distinct from the green flowers
  • See Fungus.
  • of Fungus

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Plural of fungus.

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Simple, aerobic organisms. Neither germs nor plant. Nearly all are poisonous to people. Thrive in low dampness, reduced pH surroundings. Genetic material is bound in a membrane. Do not have roots or leaves; contain no chlorophyll; feed down dead natural matter. About 70,000 species occur. Main commercial use is within food make, in alcoholic beverages, and also as antibiotics, like penicillin. Examples are mildew, mildew, mushrooms, smuts, toadstools, and yeast. Plural of fungus.

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Latin plural of fungi. In biology, in reference to one of many cheapest of this great groups of mobile cryptograms.

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Simple, cardiovascular organisms (such as mildews, molds, mushrooms, smuts, toadstools, and yeast) which (1) unlike germs can grow in reduced dampness and low pH surroundings, and have now their particular genetic product bound in a membrane, (2) unlike flowers lack origins or leaves, cannot consist of chlorophyll, and do not create their food, but acquire nourishment from lifeless organic matter. From about 70,000 species of fungi most are delicious but the majority tend to be toxic to humans. Their major commercial uses consist of manufacture of food and alcohol consumption, and antibiotics eg penicillin. Plural of fungi.

fungi meaning in General Dictionary

(pl. ) of Fungus

Sentence Examples with the word fungi

Fertilization by means of non-motile spermatia and a trichogyne are known among the Fungi in the families Collemaceae and Laboulbeniaceae.

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