What does ful mean?

ful meaning in General Dictionary

A suffix signifying packed with abounding with as boastful harmful woeful

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  • a household of languages of the Fulani of West Africa and used as a lingua franca when you look at the sub-Saharan areas from Senegal to Chad; the most effective understood associated with the West African languages

ful meaning in Cooking Dictionary

An Egyptian dried bean. For sale in specialty food shops. A are the little variety.

Sentence Examples with the word ful

First, this symple creature hadde myche trauaile, with diuerse felawis and helperis, to gedere manie elde biblis, and othere doctouris, and comune glosis, and to make oo Latyn bible sumdel trewe; and thanne to studie it of the newe, the text with the glose, and othere doctouris, as he m13te gete, and speciali Lire on the elde testament, that helpide ful myche in this werk; the thridde tyme to counseile with elde gramv riens, and elde dyuynis, of harde wordis, and harde sentenci, , hou tho m13ten best be vndurstonden and translatid; the iiij tyme to translate as cleerli as he coude to the sentence, anr: to haue manie gode felawis and kunnynge at the correcting of th,2 translacioun.

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