What does frittata mean?

frittata meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1884, from Italian frittata "a fritter," from fritto "fried," past participle of friggere, from Latin frigere (see fry (v.)). Earlier in English as frittado (1630s).

frittata meaning in Cooking Dictionary

An Italian omelet that features extra ingredients blended in with the eggs instead of becoming folded around like a French omelet. It is occasionally baked or cooked in a skillet over very sluggish temperature after that flipped and/or top browned under a broiler.

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  • An Italian open-faced omelet.

frittata meaning in General Dictionary

Italian omelet with diced vegetables and meats; prepared until base is defined then inverted into another cooking pan to cook the very best

frittata - German to English

frittata [type of Italian omelette]

Sentence Examples with the word frittata

Sarah chirped, There's a frittata here.

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