What does formica mean?

formica meaning in General Dictionary

A thermosetting plastic-type composed of melamine resin having good temperature and chemical opposition and widely used since the area layer in laminated sheets utilized as treatments for countertops wall space or furnishings

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  • any of various synthetic laminates containing melamine
  • type genus of Formicidae
  • A Linnaean genus of hymenopterous bugs, including the typical ants. See Ant.

formica meaning in Etymology Dictionary

proprietary title (1922) of a product manufactured originally by Formica Insulation Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. (founded 1913). In line with the company, the material (originally advertised as a commercial insulator) was so named as it could be used for mica, i.e., rather than mica, an even more high priced normal insulator. Primarily utilized in customer products since c.1945.

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  • ant genus, 1843, from Latin formica "an ant," dissimilated from PIE *morwi- "ant" (cognates: Sanskrit vamrah "ant," Greek myrmex, Old Church Slavonic mraviji, Old Irish moirb, Old Norse maurr, Welsh myrion; and compare 2nd take into account pismire).

Sentence Examples with the word formica

Sanguinea can live either with or without slaves, but another European ant (Polyergus rufescens) is so dependent on its slaves - various species of Formica - that its workers are themselves unable to feed the larvae.

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