What does footer mean?

footer meaning in General Dictionary

a person who moves on foot

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  • a suffix designating one thing with a length of a lot of foot used only in combinations with a numerical prefix as he is a six footer the golfer sank a 40 footer his boat is a 60 footer
  • (used only in combinations) the level or period of some thing in legs
  • a printed note put underneath the text on a printed web page

footer meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, "a pedestrian;" 1781, "a kick at soccer;" 1863, Uk student slang, "the overall game of football;" see base (n.), football, -er.

footer meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

A footer is an area at the end of a document web page that keeps information typical to several pages that may be change using one or all footers for each for the pages in a document. The footer may contain the page figures, date developed, copyrights, reference, or other information.

footer meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

The term "footer" has its own uses in the computer system globe. However, the two most common are 1) a document footer, and 2) a webpage footer. 1. Document Footer A document footer is a small part at the bottom of each and every web page within a document. It is used to display business data or copyright information. In longer papers, the footer may be used to specify the current section of the document aswell. By default, changes made to the footer using one page changes the footer on all the pages within the part. If no sections tend to be defined, altering the footer will upgrade all pages within the document. Most word processors enable you to view and modify document footers by picking View → Headers and Footers. This gives you to edit the information of both header at the top of the web page and also the footer in the bottom. Some term processors, like Microsoft keyword, permit you to simply double-click inside the footer section to edit the information. If you would like replace the level for the footer, you are able to modify the margins inside Document qualities screen. Since page numbers in many cases are put at the bottom of every page, they are usually considered an element of the footer. But unlike most footer content, web page numbers are very different for each page, as they are automatically incremented. Furthermore, modifications designed to the footer will not impact the web page figures. 2. Website Footer The bottom section of a website normally generally a footer. This area usually contains the name of company or business that posts the internet site, along with relevant copyright information. Some web pages could also integrate fundamental navigation links, particularly "About Us," "Contact," and "Help." Business website footers usually include extra backlinks to "regards to Use," "Privacy directions," and "Advertising" pages as well. While footers aren't required on websites, they truly are entirely on nearly all major web pages. HTML 5 even includes a tag, which can be designed especially for putting footer information at the bottom of a webpage. Additionally, visitors frequently be prepared to find particular details about a web site once they scroll down seriously to the base of a web page in their web browser. Therefore, most web developers feature a footer as a standard section of their site template.

Sentence Examples with the word footer

From the footer and not come to rest within 2 yds.

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