What does fez mean?

fez meaning in General Dictionary

A felt or fabric cap often purple and having a tassel multiple the tarboosh See Tarboosh

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  • a city in north main Morocco; spiritual center
  • a felt cap (usually red) for a person; shaped like a flat-topped cone with a tassel that hangs through the crown
  • A felt or fabric cap, frequently red and achieving a tassel, -- a number of the tarboosh. See Tarboosh.

fez meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1802, from French fez, from Turkish fes, probably fundamentally from Fez, the city in Morocco, where this particular tasseled limit was principally made. Made an element of the Turkish official dress by sultan Mahmud II.

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Sentence Examples with the word fez

Abdallah, a brother of Mahommed and Ibrahim, the rivals of Mansur, succeeded in escaping, and fled to Egypt, whence by the help of the postmaster, himself a secret partisan of the Shiites, he passed into West Africa, where at a later period his son founded the Idrisite dynasty in Fez (see Morocco).

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