What does experimentation mean?

experimentation meaning in General Dictionary

The work of experimenting practice by experiment

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  • the screening of a concept
  • the act of carrying out a controlled test or research
  • The work of experimenting; practice by experiment.

experimentation meaning in Urban Dictionary

Two or more young people (usually 7-15 yr old kids) test out homosexual acts, including: Stripping, fondling (having fun with others's penis/vagina), masturbating by themselves, masturbating another, oral intercourse, rectal intercourse, massaging the other's penis/vagina contrary to the various other in almost any spot, or whatever else related.

experimentation meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1670s, noun of action from experiment (v.).

experimentation meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The work of experimenting; rehearse by test.

Sentence Examples with the word experimentation

The juxtaposed elements of traditional craft techniques and Chinese culture showed an experimentation of form and materials.

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