What does existence mean?

existence meaning in General Dictionary

The state of current or becoming actual ownership to be continuance in-being given that presence of human anatomy as well as soul in union the split presence regarding the soul immortal existence

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  • hawaii or reality of existing
  • precisely what is present anywhere
  • The state of present or being; real control of becoming; continuance in-being; as, the existence of human body and of soul in union; the split existence of heart; immortal existence.
  • Continued or duplicated manifestation; incident, since occasions of any kind; as, the existence of a disaster or of circumstances of war.
  • whatever is present; a being; an animal; an entity; since, residing existences.

existence meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "reality," from Old French existence, from Medieval Latin existentia/exsistentia, from existentem/exsistentem (nominative existens/exsistens) "existent," present participle of Latin existere/exsistere "remain forth, turn out, emerge; appear, be noticeable, come to light; arise, be created; develop into," and, as a secondary definition, "exist, be;" from ex- "forth" (see ex-) + sistere "cause to stand" (see assist).

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existence meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Lat. existere: to emerge) The mode of being which is made up in conversation along with other things. For Aristotle, matter clothed with type. Essences put through accidentst the state of things beyond their causes. Their state to be real, the health of objectivity. In epistemology: that which practical knowledge. In psychology: the presence of confirmed datum in the physical universe at some time and place. Occasionally identified with truth or reality. Opposite of essence. See Actuality. -- J.K.F.

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  • (Ger. Dasein, Existenz) In Husserl's writings the terms Dasein and Existenz are not provided different senses nor limited to the sphere of private being, except with specific mention of the other article writers who utilize them therefore. In Husserl's consumption, "existence" implies becoming (q.v.) of any sort or, more restrictedly, specific being. -- D.C.

existence meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The state of present or becoming; actual possession of being; continuance in being; as, the existence of human body and of heart in union; the separate existence for the heart; immortal existence.

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  • (letter.) Continued or duplicated manifestation; occurrence, since activities of any kind; since, the presence of a calamity or of a situation of war.
  • (letter.) That which exists; a being; a creature; an entity; because, residing existences.

Sentence Examples with the word existence

It was in existence many years before the priory of the nuns of St Helen's was founded.

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