What does er mean?

er meaning in General Dictionary

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  • the chemical expression for erbium an unusual planet element This has atomic quantity 68 and an atomic weight of 16726
  • a trivalent metallic part of the rare earth team; takes place with yttrium
  • a room in a hospital or center staffed and equipped to present crisis treatment to people calling for immediate hospital treatment

er meaning in Medical Dictionary

1. er. 2. Endoplasmic reticulum. 3. Estrogen receptor. 4. Extended release.

er meaning in Etymology Dictionary

as a sound of doubt or uncertainty, attested from mid-19c.

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  • acronym of er, by 1965.

er - German to English


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  • it

Sentence Examples with the word er

Their inice is particularly conspicuous in the prominent place accorded ie sun-god Re, and in the creation-legend that made him the er of gods and men.

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