What does epileptic mean?

epileptic meaning in General Dictionary

One affected with epilepsy

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  • related to affected with or of the nature of epilepsy
  • of or concerning or characteristic of epilepsy
  • a person who has actually epilepsy
  • related to, affected with, or of the nature of, epilepsy.
  • One impacted with epilepsy.
  • A medicine for the treatment of epilepsy.

epileptic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, from French

epileptic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) regarding, impacted with, or associated with the nature of, epilepsy.

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  • (n.) One affected with epilepsy.
  • (letter.) A medicine when it comes to cure of epilepsy.

Sentence Examples with the word epileptic

Charitable and Penal Institutions.--Virginia has four hospitals for the insane: the Eastern State Hospital (1773), at Williamsburg; the South-Western State Hospital (1887), at Marion; the Western State Hospital (1828), with an epileptic colony, at Staunton; and the Central State Hospital (1870; for negroes), at Petersburg.

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