What does endothermic mean?

endothermic meaning in General Dictionary

Designating or pert to a reaction which takes place with consumption of temperature created by these types of a reaction as an endothermic compound in opposition to exothermic

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  • (of a chemical reaction or mixture) occurring or formed with consumption of temperature

endothermic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1866, from French endothermique; see endo- + thermal.

endothermic meaning in Chemistry Dictionary

defines processes that absorb heat power.

Sentence Examples with the word endothermic

Such endothermic bodies are nearly always found to show considerable violence in their decomposition, as the heat of formation stored up within them is then liberated as sensible heat, and it is undoubtedly this property of acetylene gas which leads to its easy detonation by either heat or a shock from an explosion of fulminating mercury when in contact with it under pressure.

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