What does en mean?

en meaning in General Dictionary

1 / 2 an em this is certainly 1 / 2 of the machine of room in calculating imprinted matter See Em

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  • A suffix from AS a previously accustomed form the plural of numerous nouns such as ashen eyen oxen all obs except oxen in some instances particularly kids and brethren it was included with older plural kinds
  • A prefix signifying in or into utilized in many English terms mainly those lent from French Some English terms are written indifferently with en or perhaps in For easier pronunciation it is generally altered to em before p b and m such as use embody emmew its sometimes always offer a causal force like in enable enfeeble resulting in to-be or even to make in a position or feeble and sometimes merely offers an extensive power like in enchasten See In
  • 1 / 2 the width of an em
  • Half an em, this is certainly, 1 / 2 of the system of space in measuring printed matter. See Em.

en meaning in Law Dictionary

add up to one-half the purpose size of the type. Product of general distance in typography usually the circumference of money (uppercase) letter 'N' in the face and point of type getting used. Example: In 8 point type, an en is 4 point large. See additionally em.

en meaning in Etymology Dictionary

name for the page "N;" in publishing (1793), a space half because wide as an em.

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  • French, "in; as," from Latin in (see in).

en meaning in Business Dictionary

product of relative distance in typography, one en being comparable to one-half of an em or point measurements of the kind. In 8 point type, an en is 4 point broad; in 9-point type, 4.5 point broad; in 10-point type, 5 point wide ... an such like. So named because traditionally it's thought as the width of a capital (uppercase) letter 'N' into the face and point of type getting used.

en - Spanish to English


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  • in
  • on

en - French to English

to [place in which a person's going]

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  • within
  • in

Sentence Examples with the word en

As creation involves intention, desire, thought and work, and as these are properties which imply limit and belong to a finite being, and moreover as the imperfect and circumscribed nature of this creation precludes the idea of its being the direct work of the infinite and perfect, the En Soph had to become creative, through the medium of ten Sephiroth or intelligences, which emanated from him like rays proceeding from a luminary.

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