What does emphatic mean?

emphatic meaning in General Dictionary

Uttered with emphasis made prominent and impressive by a distinct anxiety of voice laying tension worth stress or focus forcible impressive strong on remonstrate in an emphatic fashion emphatic denials an emphatic term an emphatic tone emphatic reasoning

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  • abrupt and strong
  • spoken with focus
  • forceful and definite in appearance or activity
  • Alt. of Emphatical

emphatic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1708, from Latinized form of Greek emphatikos, variant of emphantikos, from stem of emphainein (see emphasis). Emphatical is earlier on (1550s in rhetorical good sense, 1570s as "highly expressive"). Relevant: Emphatically (1580s).

emphatic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Alt. of Emphatical

Sentence Examples with the word emphatic

Whether we regard him as a priest who published poem after poem in praise of an adored mistress, as a plebeian man of letters who conversed on equal terms with kings and princes, as a solitary dedicated to the love of nature, as an amateur diplomatist treating affairs of state with pompous eloquence in missives sent to popes and emperors, or again as a traveller eager for change of scene, ready to climb mountains for the enjoyment of broad prospects over spreading champaigns; in all these divers manifestations of his peculiar genius we trace some contrast with the manners of the, 4th century, some emphatic anticipation of the 16th.

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