What does elevation mean?

elevation meaning in General Dictionary

The work of increasing from a lower spot condition or quality to an increased said of content things persons the mind the voice an such like due to the fact level of whole grain level to a throne elevation of brain thoughts or character

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  • the big event of anything becoming raised upward
  • a raised or raised geological development
  • angular distance over the horizon (especially of a celestial object)
  • the best degree or level attainable; the greatest phase of development
  • distance of some thing above a reference point (like sea-level)
  • (dancing) the height of a performer's step or leap
  • the act of enhancing the wide range or status or power or scope of something
  • drawing of an exterior of a structure
  • The work of raising from a lowered destination, problem, or quality to a greater; -- said of material things, people, your brain, the sound, etc.; as, the height of grain; elevation to a throne; level of head, thoughts, or personality.
  • Condition to be raised; height; exaltation.
  • whatever is raised up or elevated; an increased spot or station; since, a height regarding the surface; a hill.
  • The distance of a celestial item above the horizon, or the arc of a straight group intercepted between it plus the horizon; height; as, the elevation of the pole, or of a star.
  • The angle which the design makes using the substylar range.
  • The action of this axis of an item in a vertical jet; additionally, the position of level, this is certainly, the perspective between your axis of the piece additionally the range o/ sight; -- distinguished from way.
  • A geometrical projection of a building, or any other item, on a plane perpendicular into the horizon; orthographic projection on your vertical jet; -- known as by the ancients the orthography.

elevation meaning in Law Dictionary

1. Measured and called level above sea-level. 2. Two-dimensional drawing of an object. leading, right back, part, and top tend to be drawn level.

elevation meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., "an increasing, level of some thing, height that something is raised," from Old French height and directly from Latin elevationem (nominative elevatio) "a lifting up," noun of activity from past participle stem of elevare "lift up, raise" (see elevate). Indicating "act of elevating" is from 1520s.

elevation meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

The lifting of something

elevation meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Height above surface or sea level. 2. Flat (two-dimensional) drawing of the front, right back, side, or top of an object.

elevation - German to English

elevation for the number [in the Eucharist]

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  • elevation [angle]
  • level [in the Mass]

elevation meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The act of raising from less spot, problem, or quality to an increased; -- said of material things, persons, the mind, the vocals, etc.; as, the level of grain; height to a throne; elevation of head, thoughts, or character.

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  • (n.) state of being raised; height; exaltation.
  • (letter.) Whatever is raised up or elevated; a heightened place or place; as, an elevation for the ground; a hill.
  • (n.) The exact distance of a celestial item over the horizon, or perhaps the arc of a vertical group intercepted between it as well as the horizon; altitude; as, the height regarding the pole, or of a star.
  • (n.) The angle which the style makes utilizing the substylar range.
  • (n.) The activity of this axis of an item in a vertical plane; in addition, the direction of level, that's, the angle involving the axis associated with the piece and range o/ picture; -- distinguished from way.
  • (n.) A geometrical projection of a building, or any other object, on a plane perpendicular into horizon; orthographic projection on a vertical airplane; -- called because of the ancients the orthography.

Sentence Examples with the word elevation

The principal cause of his elevation was the determination of the various sections of the moderate republican party to exclude M.

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