What does ee mean?

ee meaning in General Dictionary

A suffix made use of mainly in law terms in a passive signification to point the direct or indirect object of an action and/or anyone to whom an act is done or on whom a right is conferred as in assignee donee alienee grantee etc It is correlative to and/or representative or doer

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  • the part of engineering science that studies the uses of electrical energy and equipment for power generation and distribution in addition to control over devices and communication

Sentence Examples with the word ee

The Old Slavonic words lyepo, byelo, are pronounced by the Servians of Herzegovina, Bosnia, Montenegro, Dalmatia, Croatia and south-western Servia as leeyepo, beeyelo; by the Servians of Syrmia the same vowel is pronounced sometimes as e (lepo, belo), sometimes as ee (videeti, leteeti); by the Servians of the Morava valley and its accessory Ressava valley, always only as e (lepo, belo, videti, leteti).

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