What does dual capacity mean?

dual capacity meaning in Business Dictionary

Ability of a person or firm to act both as a realtor and principal, or by someone to put up two jobs.

dual capacity meaning in Insurance Dictionary

The principle, defined in many judge instances, that a business may stand in terms of its worker not merely as workplace, but also as supplier of a product, supplier of a service, owner of premises, etc. When a work-related damage arises away from one of these brilliant additional relationships, the exclusivity of employees settlement as a supply of recovery toward injured worker are challenged, additionally the staff member may be permitted to sue the employer. Such activities tend to be included in the businesses responsibility insurance of the standard workers settlement plan.

Sentence Examples with the word dual capacity

That system recognized the municeps as at once a citizen of a self-governing city community, and a member of the city of Rome, his dual capacity being illustrated by his right of voting both in the election of Roman magistrates and in the election of magistrates for his own town.

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