What does dropped a Luigi mean?

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losing a Luigi is a rare event after a pleasing night of boozing it up with your friends during the neighbor hood bar.After properly returning from the bar and having oneself into sleep and to rest, awaken. Not during sex, or perhaps in the gutter, not in an Arabian prince’s harem or on a slow motorboat to China, but on toilet. Not only any bathroom, however the lavatory inside restroom this is the bathtub. Just take this possibility to proceed to the particular bathroom and go back to rest. Upon waking, recognize that an awful stench features permeated air. As you very carefully peer on the side of the bathtub, you may well be mortified to find out that some one dropped a Luigi into the tub. Additional introspective investigation will offer you yourself are without a doubt the only to blame. You'll encounter any self-doubt, pity, individual success or pleasure you see fit.