What does drop-off mean?

drop-off meaning in Fishing Dictionary

a  sudden escalation in depth regarding the liquid.

drop-off meaning in Sports Dictionary

Obstacle where the trail falls vertically. It may only be a couple of ins or considerably more. Operating drop-offs needs substantial ability, frequently requiring the rider to increase leading wheel of bicycle while letting a corner wheel touch down very first to make sure a smooth landing. Drop-offs change from leaps that the bikers gain no level negotiating all of them, but literally fall off into the lower level. (sport: Mountain Biking)

drop-off meaning in General Dictionary

a steep large face of stone

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  • a noticeable deterioration in overall performance or quality
  • a change downward

Sentence Examples with the word drop-off

He didn't appear out of thin air to stop her, and she made it from the mansion to the Tucson airport's arrivals drop-off area, where she stopped in front of the Delta curbside check-in sign and handed Jake the keys.

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