What does drood drood mean?

drood drood meaning in Urban Dictionary

1. A big grouping of squickens.2. A name for several people who be noticed to be random, various, and/or obnoxious. a personality in Everquest MMORPG's. It is not a definable personality kind but rather one who display's particular qualities. For example: becoming a moron, having spell's that other figures would get a hold of of use but charging you exhorbitantly for, inability to talk in English - can only just talk l33tspeak, are unable to enchantment, shits pizza and red bull, doesn't know how to play the game, think's he is l33t (strangely, only male's desire to becoming a drood) and probably has a face like a gathering for the worlds worst pimples.Simply put, the irritating prick when you look at the game that spoils the pleasure of others.