What does droit mean?

droit meaning in General Dictionary

A right legislation with its aspect of the first step toward rights in addition in old law the writ of correct

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  • the right; law with its facet of the first step toward liberties; also, in old law, the writ of right.

droit meaning in Urban Dictionary

a synonym for the word "awkward." droit is an abbreviation of this word "maladroit," a far more harvard way of saying somethings uncomfortable.

droit meaning in Law Dictionary

In French legislation. Right, justice, equity, law, your whole body of law; additionally a right.This term displays equivalent ambiguity that will be discoverable into the German equivalent."rccht" and English word "right." In the one-hand, these terms answer to theRoman "jus," and thus indicate legislation inside abstract, considered as the foundation of allrights, or even the complex of fundamental moral concepts which impart the type ofjustice to all the good law, or give it an ethical content. Taken in this abstract good sense, theterms might adjectives, in which case these are generally equal to "just," or nouns, In whichcase they might be paraphrased by the expressions "justice," "morality," or "equity." Onthe other side, they offer to point out the right; that's, a power, privilege, faculty, ordemand, built-in in one single individual, and incident upon another. In second signification,droit (or recht or right) could be the correlative of "duty" or "obligation." When you look at the previous good sense,It might thought to be against incorrect, injustice, and/or lack of law. Droit hasthe further ambiguity that it's occasionally accustomed denote the current human body of legislation considered as one entire, or even the sum total of numerous Individuallaws taken collectively. See Jus; RECIIT; RIGHT.

droit - French to English

correct [privilege]

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  • traditions duty
  • right-hand
  • team
  • upright
  • right
  • correct [opposite of left]

droit meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The right; law with its facet of the foundation of legal rights; in addition, in old legislation, the writ of right.

Sentence Examples with the word droit

In 1822 appeared his Questions de droit administratif, in which he for the first time brought together and gave scientific shape to the scattered elements of administrative law.

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