What does dozy mean?

dozy meaning in General Dictionary

Drowsy predisposed to doze sleepy slow as a dozy mind

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  • half-asleep
  • Drowsy; inclined to doze; sleepy; sluggish; as, a dozy mind.

dozy meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"drowsy," 1690s, from doze + -y (2).

dozy meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Drowsy; inclined to doze; tired; sluggish; because, a dozy head.

Sentence Examples with the word dozy

Trans., Religion and Historic Faiths (London, 1907); Haarlem Series, Die Voornaamste Godsdiensten, beginning with Islam, by Dozy (1863 onwards); Soc. for Promotion of Christian Knowledge, Non-Christian Religions; Hibbert Lectures on The Origin and Growth of Religion (15 vols., beginning with F.

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