What does dobbin mean?

dobbin meaning in General Dictionary

An old jaded horse

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  • a quiet plodding workhorse
  • a vintage jaded horse.
  • Sea gravel blended with sand.

dobbin meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"farm horse," 1596 (in "vendor of Venice"), probably from diminutive type of Dob (early 13c.), typical center English familiar form of masc. correct name Robin or Robert; private title placed on a horse.

dobbin meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

The term used to denote a gentle horse; a term of affection

dobbin meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A vintage jaded horse.

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  • (n.) Water gravel blended with sand.

Sentence Examples with the word dobbin

Marcy of New York, secretary of state; Jefferson Davis of Mississippi, secretary of war; James Guthrie (1792-1869) of Kentucky, secretary of the treasury; James C. Dobbin (1814-1857) of North Carolina, secretary of the navy; Robert McClelland (1807-1880) of Michigan, secretary of the interior; James Campbell (1813-1893) of Pennsylvania, postmaster-general; and Caleb Cushing of Massachusetts, attorney-general.

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