What does divot mean?

divot meaning in General Dictionary

A thin oblong turf used for addressing cottages and in addition for fuel

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  • (tennis) the hole left whenever a bit of turf is slashed through the surface because of the club mind for making a stroke
  • some turf dug out of a lawn or fairway (by an animals hooves or a golf club)
  • A thin, oblong grass utilized for covering cottages, and also for gasoline.

divot meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1530s, from Scottish, literally "piece of turf or sod" useful for roofing material, etc., of unknown origin. The golfing sense is from 1886.

divot meaning in Sports Dictionary

The piece of earth dug-up as a player strikes the basketball. Etiquette needs that people replace divots. (sport: Golf)

divot meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A thin, oblong turf employed for addressing cottages, and in addition for gas.

Sentence Examples with the word divot

Like an angry golfer, she sent a huge divot into the air.

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