What does discreet mean?

discreet meaning in General Dictionary

Possessed of discernment particularly in preventing error or evil plus the adaptation of methods to stops sensible sagacious judicious maybe not rash or heedless cautious

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  • unobtrusively perceptive and sympathetic
  • marked by prudence or modesty and smart self-restraint
  • heedful of possible consequences
  • Possessed of discernment, especially in preventing error or evil, and in the version of means to stops; prudent; sagacious; judicious; maybe not rash or heedless; cautious.
  • Differing; distinct.

discreet meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., "morally discerning, prudent, circumspect," from Old French discret "discreet, practical, smart, smart," from Latin discretus "divided, distinct," in Medieval Latin "discerning, mindful," past participle of discernere "distinguish" (see discern). Indicating "separate, distinct" in English is belated 14c. Spellings discrete and nativized discreet co-existed until after c.1600, when discreet became the most popular term for "careful, wise," and discrete had been maintained in viewpoint, medicine, music also disciplines that remembered Latin and made work to obey it. Related: Discreetly.

discreet meaning in General Dictionary

(superl.) Possessed of discernment, particularly in avoiding error or bad, and in the adaptation of methods to ends; sensible; sagacious; judicious; not rash or heedless; careful.

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  • (superl.) Differing; distinct.

Sentence Examples with the word discreet

Upon the accession of the Republican party to power in 180 r, Madison became secretary of state in Jefferson's cabinet, a position for which he was well fitted both because he possessed to a remarkable degree the gifts of careful thinking and discreet and able speaking, and of large constructive ability; and because he was well versed in constitutional and international law and practised a fairness in discussion essential to a diplomat.

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