What does diffidence mean?

diffidence meaning in General Dictionary

their state of being diffident distrust intend of confidence doubt associated with power ability or disposition of other people

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  • decreased confidence
  • their state of being diffident; distrust; desire of self-confidence; question for the power, ability, or personality of other individuals.
  • Distrust of the self or a person's very own powers; lack of self-reliance; modesty; small reserve; bashfulness.

diffidence meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1400, from Latin diffidentia "mistrust, distrust, desire of confidence," from diffidere "to mistrust, absence self-confidence," from dis- "away" (see dis-) + fidere "to trust" (see belief). Modern good sense is of "distrusting yourself" (1650s). The first feeling ended up being the opposite of self-confidence.

diffidence meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The state to be diffident; distrust; wish of confidence; question of the energy, capability, or personality of other people.

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  • (n.) Distrust of your self or one's very own abilities; decreased self-reliance; modesty; moderate book; bashfulness.

Sentence Examples with the word diffidence

The sudden fall of Gambetta (26th January 1882) having removed the fear of immediate European complications, the cabinets of Berlin and Vienna again displayed diffidence towards Italy.

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