What does detour mean?

detour meaning in General Dictionary

A turning a circuitous route a deviation from an immediate course as detours of Mississippi

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  • vacation via a detour
  • a roundabout roadway (especially one that's made use of briefly while a main course is blocked)
  • A turning; a circuitous route; a deviation from a primary training course; since, the detours associated with Mississippi.

detour meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1738, from French d

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  • 1836 (intransitive); 1905 (transitive), from detour (letter.). Associated: Detoured; detouring.

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detour meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A turning; a circuitous path; a deviation from a primary course; because, the detours associated with the Mississippi.

Sentence Examples with the word detour

The attack was made in two columns: one, tinder Colonel Hunter, marching along the river-bank, approached Firket from the north; while the other, under Major Burn-Murdoch, making a detour through the desert, approached it from the south.

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