What does deterministic mean?

deterministic meaning in General Dictionary

of or related to determinism as deterministic theories

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  • an unavoidable result of antecedent sufficient causes

deterministic meaning in Law Dictionary

process whose outcome hinges on the prior stages. If a project has actually one result it's predetermined.

deterministic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1874, from determinist (see determinism) + -ic.

deterministic meaning in Business Dictionary

Algorithm, model, process, process, etc., whoever resulting behavior is completely dependant on its preliminary condition and inputs, and which can be not arbitrary or stochastic. Processes or tasks having only one result are considered deterministic their outcome is 'pre-determined.' A deterministic algorithm, if given the same input information will always produce the same production information.

Sentence Examples with the word deterministic

Modern determinists differ from the earlier advocates of their theory in their endeavour to exhibit at least the compatibility of morality with the absence of freedom, if not the enhancement of moral values which, according to some of its advocates, follows upon the acceptance of the deterministic account of conduct.

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