What does deportation mean?

deportation meaning in General Dictionary

The work of deporting or exiling and/or condition to be deported banishment transport

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  • the expulsion from a country of an undesirable alien
  • the work of expelling an individual from their local land
  • The work of deporting or exiling, and/or state to be deported; banishment; transportation.

deportation meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the act of expelling a foreigner from a country, typically because he or she has a criminal record, committed a crime, lied on his/her entry documents, is within the country illegally or his or her presence is deemed because of the Immigration and Naturalization provider, FBI or State Department officials to-be from the needs associated with the nation. Deportation should be to the united states of source.

deportation meaning in Law Dictionary

Banishment to a foreign nation, attended with confiscation ofproperty and starvation of civil-rights. A punishment based on the deportatio (q.v.) of this Roman legislation, whilst still being in use in France.In Roman law. A perpetual banishment, depriving the banished of their rights as acitizen ; it differed from relegation (q. v.) and exile, (q. v.) 1 Brown, Civil & Adm. Law,125, note; Inst 1, 12, 1, and 2; Dig. 48, 22,-14, 1.In United states legislation. The treatment or giving straight back of an alien into the country from whichhe came, as a measure of national authorities and without any implication of punishment orpenalty."Transportation," "extradition," and "deportation," although each has the result ofremoving one from a country, will vary things as well as different purposes.Transportation is through method of discipline of 1 convicted of an offense up against the lawsof the nation ; extradition is the surrender to another country of just one accused of anoffense against its laws, here becoming tried and penalized if discovered guilty. Deportation isthe getting rid of of an alien out from the nation simply because his existence is deemedinconsistent with the community benefit, and without any punishment becoming enforced orcontemplated, either beneath the rules of nation off that he is sent or underthose of this country that he's taken. Fong Yue Ting v. U. S.. 149 U. S. 698, 13Sup. Ct 1016, 37 L. Ed. 905.

deportation meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, from Middle French d

deportation meaning in Business Dictionary

Removal of a foreign national to their nation of citizenship or permanent residency for reasons such as unlawful entry, criminal behavior, or prospective hazard on public benefit.

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  • transport

deportation meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The act of deporting or exiling, and/or condition to be deported; banishment; transportation.

Sentence Examples with the word deportation

Having escaped deportation at the time of the coup d'etat of 18 Fructidor, he took part in the revolution of 18 Brumaire, and was appointed by Napoleon member of the council of state and senator.

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