What does demonstration mean?

demonstration meaning in General Dictionary

The work of showing an exhibition evidence especially proof beyond the alternative of question indubitable proof into the senses or explanation

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  • a visual presentation showing how something works
  • evidence by a procedure of debate or a number of idea showing an asserted summary
  • a public screen of group emotions (usually of a political nature)
  • a show of military power or readiness
  • a show or display; the act of showing something to sight or view
  • The work of demonstrating; an exhibition; evidence; specially, evidence beyond the likelihood of doubt; indubitable evidence, towards the sensory faculties or reason.
  • An expression, by the feelings, by outward signs; a manifestation; a show.
  • The convention and explanation of a dissection or various other anatomical planning.
  • (Mil.) a decisive event of power, or a movement showing an attack.
  • The act of demonstrating because of the syllogistic procedure, or the evidence it self.
  • a program of reasoning showing that a specific outcome is a required result of thought premises; -- these premises being meanings, axioms, and previously established propositions.

demonstration meaning in Law Dictionary

Description; pointing aside. What is stated or written todesignate a thing or person.In research. Positively persuading proof. That evidence which excludes all chance oferror. Treadwell v. Whittier, 80 Cal. 574. 22 Pac. 200, 5 L. R. A. 498, 13 Am. St. Rep.175; Boetgen v. Railroad Co. (Sup.) 50 N. Y. Supp. 332.

demonstration meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "proof that one thing is true," from Old French demonstration or right from Latin demonstrationem (nominative demonstratio), noun of activity from past participle stem of demonstrare "to indicate, indicate, indicate," figuratively, "to prove, establish," from de- "entirely" (see de-) + monstrare "to point out, show," from monstrum "divine omen, wonder" (identify beast). Meaning "public tv show of feeling," usually with a mass conference and a procession, is from 1839. Relevant: Demonstrational.

demonstration meaning in Business Dictionary

Sales advertising technique that (1) shows the performance of an item in actual usage problems, or (2) motivates test buy and employ of the product for analysis by the consumer.

demonstration - German to English


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  • antiwar demonstration
  • march
  • protest [demonstration]
  • rally
  • display [e.g of energy]

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demonstration meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Lat. de + monstrare, to exhibit) proof a proposition by disclosure of the deductive processes wherein it can be inferred. -- A.C.B.

demonstration meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The act of demonstrating; an exhibition; proof; especially, proof beyond the possibility of doubt; indubitable proof, into the sensory faculties or explanation.

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  • (n.) A manifestation, by the feelings, by outward indications; a manifestation; a show.
  • (n.) The convention and description of a dissection or any other anatomical preparation.
  • (n.) (Mil.) a decisive event of force, or a movement indicating an attack.
  • (letter.) The act of showing because of the syllogistic procedure, or perhaps the evidence it self.
  • (letter.) A training course of thinking showing that a certain result is a necessary result of assumed premises; -- these premises being definitions, axioms, and formerly founded propositions.

Sentence Examples with the word demonstration

Therefore, on the 9th of December 1813, after making a demonstration elsewhere, he effected the passage with Passage of a portion of his force only under Hill and Beresford, the Nive, near Ustaritz and Cambo, his loss being slight, and Dec. 9, thence pushed down the river towards Villefranque, 1813.

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