What does demo mean?

demo meaning in Law Dictionary

1.a contract for demonstartion. 2. the test verson of pc software that's no-cost without critical components or only readily available for a tiny time. AKA demoware.

demo meaning in Etymology Dictionary

quick for demonstration (tape, disk, etc.). Music recording provided for promotional functions, 1963. Your message had been made use of previously to indicate "a public governmental demonstration" (1936).

demo meaning in Business Dictionary

1. General: Contraction of demonstration. 2. Processing: Preview or trial version of a software which is easily distributed, either without a number of the critical features (including the capacity to conserve or print information) or perhaps is programmed to exert effort just for few (usually 30) days after the first run. Also referred to as demoware.

demo meaning in General Dictionary

an aesthetic presentation showing how something works

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  • give a convention of to an interested market

demo - German to English

demonstration [coll.] [demonstration]

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  • rally

Sentence Examples with the word demo

Gomez Herrero, Diccionario-gwta legislativo espanol (5 vols., Madrid, 1901-1903); Estadistica de la administracidn de justicia en to criminal durante; Boleiin mensual de estadistica demo grdfica-sanitaria de la peninsula y islas adjacenies (Madrid, monthly); Estado general de la armada para el ao; C. Fernandez Duro, Armada espanola desde la union de los reinos de Castilla y de Leon (9 vols., Madrid, 1895I 903); Boletin oficial del minisierio de marina.

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