What does deleterious mean?

deleterious meaning in General Dictionary

Hurtful noxious destructive pernicious as a deleterious plant or high quality a deleterious instance

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  • damaging to residing things
  • Hurtful; noxious; destructive; pernicious; since, a deleterious plant or quality; a deleterious instance.

deleterious meaning in Legal Dictionary

adj. harmful.

deleterious meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1640s, from Medieval Latin deleterius, from Greek deleterios "noxious," from deleter "destroyer," from deleisthai "to hurt, injure." Relevant: Deleteriously; deleteriousness.

deleterious meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

has got the possible to cause problems for one thing

deleterious meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Hurtful; noxious; destructive; pernicious; because, a deleterious plant or high quality; a deleterious example.

Sentence Examples with the word deleterious

This act, which was only decided upon after much hesitation, had a most deleterious effect upon the national credit.

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