What does cyclopedia mean?

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The group or compass associated with arts and sciences originally associated with the seven so-called liberal-arts and sciences circle of human understanding thus a-work containing in alphabetical order information in all divisions of knowledge or on a certain division or branch as a cyclopedia regarding the physical sciences or of mechanics See Encyclopedia

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  • a reference work (usually in several amounts) containing articles on numerous subjects (often arranged in alphabetical purchase) dealing with the whole array of peoples knowledge or with a few specific niche
  • Alt. of Cyclopaedia

Sentence Examples with the word cyclopedia

He published A Hundred Years of Methodism (1876) a Cyclopedia of Methodism (1878); Lectures on Preaching (1879), delivered before the Theological Department of Yale College; and a volume of his Sermons (1885) was edited by George R.

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