What does cunning mean?

cunning meaning in General Dictionary

understanding art skill dexterity

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  • Knowing skillful dexterous
  • shrewdness as demonstrated when you're skilled in deception
  • showing inventiveness and ability
  • marked by skill in deception
  • appealing especially by means of smallness or prettiness or quaintness
  • crafty artfulness (especially in deception)
  • once you understand; skillful; dexterous.
  • Wrought with, or exhibiting, ability or ingenuity; innovative; interested; because, cunning work.
  • Crafty; sly; artful; creating; deceitful.
  • Pretty or pleasing; because, a cunning young boy.
  • understanding; art; skill; dexterity.
  • The professors or act of utilizing stratagem to complete a function; deceptive skill or dexterity; deceit; craft.

cunning meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 14c., "learned, skillful," current participle of cunnen "to know" (see can (v.1)). Sense of "skillfully deceitful" is most likely late 14c. As a noun from c.1300. Associated: Cunningly.

Sentence Examples with the word cunning

A man of action and not of cunning shifts, he succumbed on the 10th of July to the blows of his own government, which had passed from his hands into those of Robespierre, his ambitious and crafty rival.

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