What does cultural mean?

cultural meaning in General Dictionary

Of or pertaining to culture

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  • of or relating to the arts and manners that friends prefers
  • of or concerning the provided understanding and values of a society
  • relating to the raising of flowers or pets
  • denoting or deriving from or unique of this means of residing built-up by several folks
  • Of or with respect to culture.

cultural meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1868, in reference to the raising of flowers or creatures, from Latin cultura "tillage" (see tradition) + -al (1). In mention of the the cultivation associated with the mind, from 1875; therefore, "relating to society or a civilization." A fertile starter-word among anthropologists and sociologists, for instance social diffusion, used by 1912; cultural diversity by 1935; cultural imperialism by 1937; social pluralism by 1932; cultural relativism by 1948.

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Sentence Examples with the word cultural

Farrand speaks of physical, linguistic, geographic, and cultural criteria, the first two the more exact, the latter more convenient and sometimes the only feasible bases.

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