What does crevasse mean?

crevasse meaning in General Dictionary

a-deep crevice or fissure as with embankment one of several clefts or fissure through which the size of a glacier is divided

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  • a deep fissure
  • A deep crevice or fissure, as in embankment; one of the clefts or fissure through which the mass of a glacier is divided.
  • A breach in levee or embankment of a river, brought on by the pressure of water, as regarding lower Mississippi.

crevasse meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1823, of glaciers; 1814, of riverbanks (if so from Louisiana French), from French crevasse, from Old French crevace "crevice" (see crevice). Essentially the same term as crevice, but re-adopted in sensory faculties which is why this is that had taken hold in crevice ended up being sensed to-be also small.

crevasse meaning in Sports Dictionary

A crack or cleft inside area of a glacier. (sport: Mountaineering)

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Sentence Examples with the word crevasse

The work required to produce this crevasse is twice the product of the tension and the area of one of the faces.

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