What does counsel mean?

counsel meaning in General Dictionary

To give advice to to advice admonish or instruct as people

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  • Interchange of viewpoints mutual advising consultation
  • present advice to
  • something that provides direction or guidance concerning a decision or plan of action
  • a lawyer who pleads instances in court
  • Interchange of opinions; mutual advising; assessment.
  • study of consequences; exercise of deliberate judgment; prudence.
  • outcome of consultation; guidance; training.
  • Deliberate purpose; design; intent; plan; program.
  • A secret viewpoint or purpose; an exclusive matter.
  • One who offers guidance, especially in appropriate matters; one expertly engaged in the test or handling of a reason in court; also, collectively, the legal supporters united in the handling of a situation; as, the defendant has ready advice.
  • to provide guidance to; to advice, admonish, or instruct, as you.
  • To advise or suggest, as an act or training course.

counsel meaning in Legal Dictionary

1) letter. a lawyer, attorney, attorney-at-law, counsellor, counsellor-at-law, solicitor, barrister, supporter or proctor (legal counsel in admiralty judge), licensed to practice law. In america all of them indicate the same thing. 2) v. to give legal counsel. 3) v. in some jurisdictions, to urge someone to commit a crime, which in is a crime.

counsel meaning in Law Dictionary

a term fond of legal counsel, attorney or a counsellor. To counsel some body way to advise them.

counsel meaning in Etymology Dictionary

early 13c., from Old French counseil (10c.) "advice, advice; deliberation, believed," from Latin consilium "plan, opinion" (see assessment). As a synonym for "lawyer," very first attested belated 14c.

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  • late 13c., from Old French conseiller "to advise, counsel," from Latin consiliari, from consilium "plan, viewpoint" (see advice (letter.)). Associated: Counseled. Counseling "giving qualified advice on personal or emotional issues" times from 1940.

Sentence Examples with the word counsel

The erection of a temple to her by Pompey out of the spoils of his eastern conquests shows that she was the bestower of victory, like Athena Nike, and the dedication of a vestibule in the senate house by Augustus recalls Athena the goddess of counsel (l30vXala).

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