What does convalescence mean?

convalescence meaning in General Dictionary

The data recovery of heath and strength after illness hawaii of a body renewing its vigor after sickness or weakness the time between your subsidence of an illness and full renovation to wellness

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  • gradual recovery (through sleep) after vomiting or injury
  • Alt. of Convalescency

convalescence meaning in Urban Dictionary

the "actual" spelling of the word that is defined in urbandictionary beneath the going convalesce.

convalescence meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 15c., from Middle French convalescence (15c.), from Late Latin convalescentia "regaining of health," from convalescentem (nominative convalescens), current participle of convalescere (see convalesce).

Sentence Examples with the word convalescence

Careful nursing gradually restored him to health, and on his convalescence he resolutely maintained his decision to remain in Africa, and, if possible, to work there in future on behalf of the German government.

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