What does contra mean?

contra meaning in General Dictionary

A Latin adverb and preposition signifying against contrary in opposition etc entering as a prefix into the composition of many English terms Cf Counter adv amp pref

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  • an associate of guerrilla power that opposed a left-wing federal government in Nicaragua
  • A Latin adverb and preposition, signifying against, contrary, in opposition, etc., entering as a prefix into the composition of many English terms. Cf. Countertop, adv. & pref.

contra meaning in Legal Dictionary

adj. Latin for "against" or "opposite to". This use is usually present appropriate writing in statements like: "your choice when it comes to Hammerhead v. Nail is contra to your rule reported in Keeler v. Beach."

contra meaning in Finance Dictionary

An entry manufactured in an account or declaration to nullify a previous entry.

contra meaning in Law Dictionary

gainst, confronting, opposite to; alternatively; to the contrary. The term is used in lots of Latin phrases, as appears because of the after brands. Within the publications of reports, contra, appended towards name of a judge or advice, indicates that lie presented a view associated with matter in argument unlike that after that before advanced. Additionally, after citation of cases iu help of a situation, contra is generally prefixed to citations of cases against it

contra meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., from Latin contra (preparation. and adv.) "against," initially "in contrast with," ablative single womanly of *com-teros, from Old Latin com "with, collectively" (see com-) + -tr, zero level of the comparative suffix -ter-.

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  • 1981, "anti-Sandinista Nicaraguan," quick for Spanish contrarrevolucionario "counter-revolutionary."

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  • towards

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Sentence Examples with the word contra

The chief source of information about him is the Liber contra Auxentium in the Benedictine edition of the works of Hilary.

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