What does confidential mean?

confidential meaning in General Dictionary

experiencing or treated with full confidence trusted in honest as a confidential servant or clerk

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  • entrusted with personal information and also the self-confidence of some other
  • (of information) given in self-confidence or perhaps in key
  • denoting self-confidence or intimacy
  • the level of official classification for papers after that above limited and below secret; available and then people authorized to see documents so categorized
  • Enjoying, or addressed with, confidence; trusted in; honest; because, a confidential servant or clerk.
  • Communicated in confidence; secret.

confidential meaning in Law Dictionary

Intrusted because of the confidence of another or along with his secret affairs or reasons; meant to be held in confidence or kept key.

confidential meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1759, from Latin confidentia (see self-confidence) + -al (1). Related: privacy; confidentially.

confidential meaning in Business Dictionary

See safety classification.

Sentence Examples with the word confidential

He attained some measure of success as a barrister, and about 1626 became the confidential adviser of Sir Thomas Wentworth, afterwards earl of Strafford, who was related to his wife, Anne Trappes (d.

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