What does conduction mean?

conduction meaning in General Dictionary

The act of leading or guiding

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  • the transmission of heat or electricity or sound
  • The act of leading or leading.
  • The work of instruction up.
  • Transmission through, or in the shape of, a conductor; additionally, conductivity.

conduction meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1530s, "hiring;" 1540s, "leading, assistance," from Old French conduction "hire, leasing," from Latin conductionem (nominative conductio), noun of activity from past participle stem of conducere (see conduce). Sense of "performing of a liquid through a channel" is from 1610s; in physics, of heat, etc., from 1814.

conduction meaning in Cooking Dictionary

In cooking, the method of heat transfer where temperature is transmitted to meals from a pot or pan, oven wall space or racks.

conduction - German to English

conduction [Butch Morris]

Sentence Examples with the word conduction

The total current at any point in a dielectric must be considered as made up of two parts: first, the true conduction current, if it exists; and second, the rate of change of dielectric displacement.

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