What does compound mean?

compound meaning in General Dictionary

whatever is compounded or formed because of the union or combination of elements ingredients or components a mix of simples a compound term the consequence of structure

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  • consists of several elements ingredients parts created by the union of several ingredients parts or things composite as a compound term
  • To effect a composition to come to regards to arrangement to accept settle by a compromise often followed by with ahead of the individual participating as well as for ahead of the thing compounded and/or consideration
  • to make or make by combining different elements ingredients or parts regarding compound a medicine
  • when you look at the East Indies an inclosure containing a house outbuildings etc
  • composed of numerous distinct people united to form a complete or colony
  • consisting of two or more substances or components or elements or components
  • made up of one or more part
  • combine so as to form a whole; blend
  • create by combining or incorporating
  • calculate key and interest
  • make even more extreme, better, or maybe more marked
  • put or add collectively
  • (biochemistry) a substance formed by chemical union of two or more elements or components in definite proportion by body weight
  • a complete created by a union of two or more elements or components
  • an enclosure of residences also building (especially in the Orient)
  • In the East Indies, an inclosure containing a property, outbuildings, etc.
  • to make or make by incorporating varying elements, components, or parts; as, to compound a medicine.
  • to build, as elements, components, or parts, in order to form an entire; to mix, mix, or unite.
  • to change or alter by combo with some other thing or component; to socialize with another thing.
  • To compose; to represent.
  • To settle amicably; to modify by arrangement; to compromise; to discharge from responsibility upon terms unlike those which had been stipulated; as, to compound a debt.
  • To effect a composition; to come quickly to regards to arrangement; to concur; to stay by a compromise; -- often followed closely by with before the person participating, and for ahead of the thing compounded or the consideration.
  • Composed of a couple of elements, ingredients, parts; produced by the union of a number of ingredients, parts, or things; composite; because, a compound term.
  • what is compounded or formed by the union or blend of elements components, or components; a mixture of simples; a compound term; the consequence of structure.
  • A union of several components in definite proportions by body weight, so combined on form a distinct material; because, liquid is a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen.

compound meaning in Law Dictionary

1.to compute a charge on an amount which currently included. 2. a sustance with several elements inside it held collectively by a covalent relationship. 3. deciding a matter in return for money. 4. which will make an offense even worse. Relate to compounding a crime.

compound meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"to construct," late 14c., compounen "to combine, combine," from Old French compondre, componre "arrange, direct," from Latin componere "to put together" (see composite). The -d appeared 1500s in English on model of expound, etc. Related: Compounded; compounding.

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  • "a compound thing," mid-15c., from substance (adj.).
  • 1670s, via Dutch (kampoeng) or Portuguese, from Malay kampong "village, number of buildings." Spelling influenced by compound (v.). Initially, "the enclosure for a factory or settlement of Europeans into the East," later on utilized of South African diamond miners' camps (1893), after that of large fenced-in rooms generally speaking (1946).
  • belated 14c., originally compouned, past participle of compounen (see compound (v.)). Compound attention is attested from 1836; ingredient sentence is from 1772.

compound meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Calculate a cost, charge, or increment on a quantity to which another charge, fee, or increment has already been included. 2. Substance formed by a substance reaction between several elements combined in a hard and fast percentage. Compounds take place collectively by covalent or ionic bonds and (unlike mixtures) cannot be separated by real means to their constituents. 3. Settle a matter in exchange for cash, particularly in a composition. 4. Aggravate an offense by committing another offense or by bad behavior. See also compounding a crime.

compound meaning in Chemistry Dictionary

A substance of two or even more elements in fixed proportions. Compounds may be decomposed within their constituent elements.

compound meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Lat. con + ponere, to position) A complex whole created by the union of a number of components in comparison to a component which is an easy unanalyzable part. A mental element is circumstances of head created by the combination (see blend) of simple psychological elements, either conscious or involuntary. -- L.W.

Sentence Examples with the word compound

According to this theory, an element in a compound had a definite saturation capacity, an idea very old in itself, being framed in the law of multiple proportions.

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