What does coffee mean?

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The ldquobeansrdquo or ldquoberriesrdquo pyrenes obtained through the drupes of a little evergreen tree of genus Coffea growing in Abyssinia Arabia Persia as well as other cozy parts of Asia and Africa and in tropical The united states

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  • any of a number of little timber indigenous to the exotic old-world yielding coffees
  • a beverage consisting of an infusion of ground coffee beans
  • a seed of this coffee tree; ground to create coffee
  • a medium brown to dark-brown color
  • The "beans" or "berries" (pyrenes) gotten from the drupes of a small evergreen tree of this genus Coffea, growing in Abyssinia, Arabia, Persia, as well as other hot areas of Asia and Africa, and in exotic America.
  • The coffee tree.
  • The beverage created from the roasted and surface berry.

coffee meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, from Italian caffe, from Turkish kahveh, from Arabic qahwah "coffee," said initially having meant "wine," but maybe instead from Kaffa area of Ethiopia, a house of this plant (coffee in Kaffa is named buno, that was borrowed into Arabic as bunn "raw coffee"). Much preliminary variety of spelling, including chaoua. Yemen ended up being the first great coffee exporter and protect its trade decreed that no lifestyle plant could leave the country. In 16c., a Muslim pilgrim introduced some coffee beans from Yemen and lifted all of them in India. Starred in European countries (from Arabia) c.1515-1519. Introduced to England by 1650, and by 1675 the country had significantly more than 3,000 coffee houses. Coffee plantations created in Brazil 1727. Meaning "a light dinner where coffee is served" is from 1774. Coffee break attested from 1952, initially often in glossy mag adverts by the Pan-American Coffee Bureau. Coffee cooking pot from 1705. Do you take in a sit down elsewhere on organization time today? Chances are that you did--for the midmorning coffee break is rapidly becoming a regular installation in American offices and industrial facilities. ["The Kiplinger Magazine," March 1952]

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takeaway coffee [Br.]

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A steaming bowl of soup awaited her on the coffee table.

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