What does charcoal mean?

charcoal meaning in General Dictionary

Impure carbon ready from vegetable or animal substances esp coal produced by charring wood in a kiln retort an such like from where environment is omitted it's employed for gasoline plus in numerous mechanical imaginative and chemical processes

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  • draw, trace, or represent with charcoal
  • of a very dark gray
  • a drawing fashioned with a stick of black carbon material
  • an extremely dark grey color
  • a carbonaceous material gotten by heating wood or other natural matter in lack of atmosphere
  • a stick of black carbon material useful for attracting
  • Impure carbon prepared from veggie or petu000du000a substances; esp., coal made by charring lumber in a kiln, retort, etc.,u000du000a from which environment is excluded. It really is employed for gas as well as in variousu000du000a technical, imaginative, and chemical procedures.
  • carefully prepared charcoal in small sticks, made use of as a drawing apply.

charcoal meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., charcole, first element is either Old French charbon "charcoal," or, regarding the current theory, outdated charren "to make" (from Old English cerran) + cole "coal," therefore, "to turn to coal."

Sentence Examples with the word charcoal

The charcoal man sat down by the fire.

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