What does chagrin mean?

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  • to-be vexed or irritated
  • Vexation mortification
  • To stimulate ill humor into vex to mortify as he had not been somewhat chagrined
  • cause to feel shame; hurt the pleasure of
  • powerful thoughts of embarrassment
  • Vexation; mortification.
  • To excite ill-humor in; to vex; to mortify; since, he was maybe not just a little chagrined.
  • to-be vexed or frustrated.
  • Chagrined.

chagrin meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1650s, "melancholy," from French chagrin "melancholy, anxiety, vexation" (14c.), from Old North French chagreiner or Angevin dialect chagraigner "sadden," which is of unknown source, maybe [Gamillscheg] from Old French graignier "grieve over, be furious," from graigne "despair, resentment, grief, vexation," from graim "sorrowful," that is of as yet not known beginning, possibly from a Germanic origin (compare Old large German gram "angry, intense"). But OED alongside sources trace it to the same Old French term, borrowed into English phonetically as shagreen, meaning "rough epidermis or hide," that is of unsure beginning, the connecting notion becoming "roughness, harshness." Modern-day feeling of "feeling of irritation from disappointment" is 1716.

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  • 1660s (implied in chagrined), from chagrin (letter.). Associated: Chagrined; chagrining.

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  • shagreen
  • grief
  • lovesickness

Sentence Examples with the word chagrin

On or even before her husband's death she retired to St Cyr, and had the chagrin of seeing all her plans for the advancement of the duke of Maine overthrown by means of the parliament of Paris.

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