What does cautious mean?

cautious meaning in General Dictionary

mindful of analyze possible results and effects of acts with a view in order to prevent danger or misfortune sensible circumspect wary watchful as a cautious basic

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  • avoiding excess
  • individuals who are fearful and cautious
  • showing cautious forethought
  • mindful of analyze probable effects and consequences of functions with a view in order to avoid danger or misfortune; prudent; circumspect; wary; watchful; because, a cautious general.

cautious meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1640s, from care + -ous. The Latin term because of this had been cautus "cautious, heedful." Associated: Cautiously; cautiousness.

Sentence Examples with the word cautious

If Sam was going to take care of the horses, it was important that she know which ones to be cautious with.

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