What does catkin mean?

catkin meaning in General Dictionary

An ament a species of inflorescence comprising a slender axis with several unisexual apetalous blossoms along its edges such as the willow and poplar so that as into the staminate plants when you look at the chestnut pine hickory an such like so named from the resemblance to a cats tail See Illust of Ament

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  • a cylindrical spikelike inflorescence
  • An ament; a species of inflorescence, consisting of a thin axis with several unisexual apetalous flowers along its sides, as when you look at the willow and poplar, and (as to the staminate flowers) inside chestnut, oak, hickory, etc. -- so called from its similarity to a cat's tail. See Illust. of Ament.

catkin meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1570s, from Dutch katteken "flowering stem of willow, birch, hazel, etc.," virtually "kitten," diminutive of katte "pet" (see pet (letter.)). So-called for their soft, furry look.

Sentence Examples with the word catkin

The catkin falls off entire, separating from the branch by an articulation.

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