What does catenary mean?

catenary meaning in General Dictionary

associated with a sequence like a chain as a catenary bend

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  • The curve created by a rope or chain of consistent density and perfect versatility holding easily between two points of suspension perhaps not in identical vertical line
  • the bend theoretically assumed by a perfectly versatile and inextensible cable of consistent density and cross-section holding freely from two fixed points
  • Alt. of Catenarian
  • The bend created by a rope or sequence of uniform density and perfect flexibility, holding freely between two things of suspension, perhaps not in the same vertical range.

catenary meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1872, from Latin catenarius "relating to a chain," from catenanus "chained, fettered," from catena "sequence, fetter, shackle" (see string (letter.)). As a noun from 1788 in math. Relevant: Catenarian.

Sentence Examples with the word catenary

Hence the tangents at A and B to the upper catenary must intersect above the directrix, and the tangents at A and B to the lower catenary must intersect below the directrix.

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